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Fender® Non-Detachable Power Chord

Original Fender® non-detachable power cord. For amplifiers that require power cord to be hard wired.
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Original Fender® standard power cord with no IEC connector (hard wired to amp) used on most Fender® tube amps. Cable includes three lead wires (+ / - / Ground) on one end and standard 3-prong A/C plug on the other. Lead wires (+/-) have push-on connectors. Ground wire has screw down lug. Shielded, 18 AWG wire. Rated at 10 Amps. Cable is approximately 10 feet long. Used on '59 Bassman®, Vibroverb®, '65 Twin Reverb®, Stage™ 112SE, M-80/M-80B, Pro 185, '65 Deluxe®, Super Reverb®, Pro Tube Concert™, Blues Deluxe™/DeVille™, '94 Twin®, Custom Vibrolux®, '63 Fender® Tube Reverb, Vibrasonic, '57 Twin™, '57 Deluxe™, SR Series Mixers, Pro Junior™, Blues Junior™, Hot Rod Deluxe™/DeVille™, EC Twinolux™, Vibro-Champ®, and '57 Bandmaster™ amplifiers manufactured from '86-Present.
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BrandFender Musicical Instruments Corp
Manufacturer Part Number0048464000
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