Nichicon "Muse" UKZ Audio Grade Radial Electrolytic Capacitor, 100VDC

Jupiter Condenser Red Astron Style Capacitor

Handmade film and foil capacitors with vintage tone and appearance.
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Jupiter Condenser Co. Red "Astron" style type AM capacitors are ideal for use in tube amplifiers and guitar tone circuits. Manufactured using 1950s techniques, they are handmade using tinfoil and mylar, potted inside of a phenolic case. All of this yields a uniquely vintage tone perfect for guitar amplifiers and audio amplifiers alike. They also feature a vintage style paper label, giving you not only an authentic sound, but a great look as well.

The outer foil side of the capacitor is marked, allowing for proper connection and low noise operation. Film and foil capacitors are constructed by winding up two pieces of foil with film in between as an insulator. The foil that ends up on the outside can be used to shield the capacitor from picking up noise from electromagnetic fields. The outside foil side of the capacitor should be connected to the lowest impedance circuit. In the case of being connected between two tube stages, the foil should be connected to the plate circuit of the first tube, which would be lower impedance than the grid circuit following the capacitor. In a guitar, the outside foil end should be connected to ground.

400V parts are marked 400V for vintage look, but are 600V rated.

Construction: Polyester and tinfoil
Case: Potted phenolic paper
Tolerance: +/-10% (typically much closer)
Operating temperature: -55C – 85C, de-rate 50% at 125C.
Leads: 20awg tinned copper
Applications: Guitar amplifiers, guitar tone controls, vintage audio amplifiers
Made in USA of US made materials

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BrandJupiter Condenser Co.
Manufacturer Part Number C-JUP-R
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