Power-All 5 Connector Daisy Chain

Power-All 11 Daisy Chain Cable, Right Angle

The 11 Plug cable Daisy Chain is designed for larger pedalboards.
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The Power-All 11/R Daisy Chain cable is designed for larger pedalboards. It features one female jack for power input and eleven low profile right-angle male barrel plugs with spring loaded jacks for secure connections, ensuring solid and dependable power delivery to each pedal. 10.5” cable length between jacks allows connection of larger and odd-sized pedals. Each connection can be used with other jumper cable accessories. Link up to eleven 9-volt effect pedals or similar devices, depending on the power supply and current draw of individual pedals. Jack dimensions: 5.5 mm outer diameter x 2.1mm inner diameter x 10 mm barrel length.
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Manufacturer Part NumberC11/R
Cord LengthN/A
Cable TypeN/A
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